Saturday, February 6, 2010

Primroses in Pots

I am so looking forward to Spring. After all this rain we've received over the last couple of months, I'm looking forward to happy sun filled days.
Although the clouds have been inspiring lately and I may have to do a painting of clouds soon before they are gone and our skies are that constant cobalt blue again.
Anyway these little plants that came from the nursery cheered me up for a few days while I was working on them.
I often wonder why I keep painting when no one ever buys my work. The answer I get is that I really just enjoy painting and sharing them here on my blog, which I don't think anyone ever looks at. Oh the be a visual artist with no one to see my work. Whine.......


  1. AHA!
    See Maria, your wrong....I read your blog and I enjoy your art very much!
    I must say your Primroses cheered me up as well. It is cold outside, and windy to boot. We still have snow, and I am sure Spring is coming, I just have no idea when.
    It has been a long cold winter here.
    Thanks for the Sunshine! :P

  2. Thank you Kathleen. I can always count on you.
    I'm still trying to figure out how this thing works. I think I got it this time. LOL

  3. I feel your pain. I have a closet full of home sewn dresses that no one sees...except on the blog. I like to make sundresses and its NEVER warm enough here to wear them. But the making of them is good for my brain. I think thats what the act of making art is for: quieting the brain and giving life focus. Its meditation for the industrious.

  4. You are so right Gabriella. I've thought of you lately. I hope you received the package I sent. I've been trying to recreate an apron that belonged to Tom's GM, it's from the 1930's. No pattern but made my own. Got it together but it needs adjustments here and there. No so easy working from a garment instead of a pattern. It's been a learning experience. Even at this advanced age, I'm still learning. That's what it's all about. Keeping that gray matter active.

  5. Oh, Maria!
    I'm so glad that you dropped by my blog and introduced yourself! Your art is amazing and I do love watercolor!!!!! I have added your blog link to my blog under, "My favorite places to visit".I will also be checking your blog frequently!
    Thanks so much! ~Missy

  6. Thank you Shabby Girl. I enjoyed you blog so much and loved that shot of you with the prarie dog. Always thought they were so cute.
    I'll add to my favorites also.

  7. Hi Maria! Your blog is a delight!! I really enjoy your paintings and when you get famous I will say, "I knew you when ..."

    These primroses are MINE!!!! :D So bright and cheery.


  8. Thanks Sue. I haven't even got it into a frame yet. Will be showing it on the 27th at a 1 day exhibit. It will be interesting to see if it generates and interest. Art sales have been in the basement for the past couple of years. I'm not painting as much and doing other thing I enjoy instead.