Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sunflowers with Red Chair

I'm so happy that my watercolor group has started up again.
I really enjoy these women and we have such a nice time painting with each other. It great to get feed back from them and I love the critiques at the end of our 2 1/2 hrs of painting.
This was my effort this week. I'm really pleased with it.
11 x 15 Watercolor on paper.


  1. Oh Maria, I'm so glad you're back painting again! I missed your work over the summer. This is wonderful, love the colours.

  2. Oh Maria, this is just lovely. Water colour has always eluded me.
    I envy tour talent.

  3. Thank you Bell and Kathleen for looking in and commenting.
    Believe me you will soon get sick of me. I am just boiling over with ideas and paintings.

    Coming soon: Thing about fall.