Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Memory

Hot summer day. Just picked tomatoes and cool cider in the jug. I can hear the buzzing of flies and feel the hot breeze blowing in from the desert. A lizard runs for cover as the cat crouches in the shade. I hear mama in the kitchen, she'll be out soon to get the tomatoes. We will have gazpacho for lunch.

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  1. Maria, we too have been away from our blog for much too long. We KNOW where OUR summer has gone because we've spent many weeks putting our studio back together after too much rain ruined the floors and they needed replacing. As long as we were at it, we rearranged most everything. Your blog is enjoyable to look through. Much of your work is reminiscent of Van Gogh; colors and subject matter. Thanks for entering our blog waaay back in June! Dan and Judith