Saturday, October 19, 2013

September was a busy month.

With so much going on the month of September I missed posting some of my new works and need to catch up.
I did the outdoor Art in the Park two day event on Sept. 8 and  9th, as fate would have it Saturday was one of the hottest days in our summer.  89 degrees and no breeze.  I almost didn't survive and when I got home stripped and jump into a cool shower to bring my body temp. down.  Had a cup of green tea and took a nap, was even to tired to fix anything to eat.  I woke up about 8:30 fixed a sandwich and went to bed.  I wasn't sure how I would feel the next morning, but I actually felt pretty good and knew I could do another day.  A lot of the artists' didn't show up for Sunday and the crowds were very light.  But thankfully the weather was cooler and there was a light breeze.
I sold fairly well on Saturday, the busiest day, but Sunday I could have stayed home. Although I did have some friends and family stop by to entertain me and it was fine.

I laid low the rest of the month and just rested and did what I wanted to do, except for doing a hanging at one of the local restaurants and working on a committee with the PAA to develop a plan for doing an Open Studio Event in May of 2014.  More on that later.

When I was in Spain last year I visited my father village in Cordoba and brought back some photographs of the village.  Villanueva del Rey is the name of it and it's a small
white village in the hills there.  I decided to try to do a couple of watercolor of it.  This was a challenge, as I'm not very good with perspective but was determined to give it a try.  I printed out the photo and made a 1" grid over the top of it.  I then took and 11 x 15 sheet of watercolor paper and made a grid of 1 1/2" lightly on the paper.  Then transferred what was in each grid and that way I got the perspective right.  I loved working on these two and felt close to my father while I was doing them.  He would have loved seeing them.



  1. The VDR paintings are beautiful Mary! It's wonderful to see them.

  2. Gracias Nieta. Sorry I missed seeing you at the gathering in Boonville.
    Couldn't make it. Love.