Friday, March 23, 2012

The Economy Must Be Getting Better or My Stars Are In Alignment

After not selling a single piece of art work for the past 5 or 6 years, suddenly this month I've sold 8 paintings.
One watercolor of a villa in Tuscany that I put in the local Library Show sold and I was very pleased. I felt validated as an artist.
Then just a week ago one of the women in my knitting group saw some of my art work and wanted to come by and visit my studio. She and her husband had just redone thier home and she wanted some art work. She said she'd been looking but didn't like what was available in the
galleries or in other places around. She had seen some of my works on my webpage and in cards that I gave to each of the women in the group and liked what she saw.
I told her I would be pleased to show her my studio and what I have available, actually thrilled would be a better word for it. It's been so
long since anyone has shown any interest in my work and I was feeling that painting was a waste of my time and hadn't done any for the past two year.
She apparently came ready to buy and chose 7 paintings. A few were framed, but most were unframed.
I was blown away, thrilled, over the moon, etc. She was happy with her choices and we were both grinning ear to ear.....
Now I need to put my knitting needles aside and get back down into my studio and get to work again, replentishing my supply. Oh Happy Day!!!!
These are the ones I've sold.


  1. Good for you Maria.
    There is no rhyme nor reason as to selling art.
    Yours is wonderful and so well executed.
    The delicacy you achieve and the (seemingly) ease of execution of your art is so deceptive, as we artists all know how much hard work goes into every work.
    Well done!

  2. Thank you Kathleen.
    I hope all goes well with you.