Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Setting a challeng for myself.

I've been painting Italy lately and enjoying the process and the memories that it has brought back to me. I so would love to go back again to Tuscany, but alas I think it's to late for me to travel so far from home and the flight just might be too much, not in cost but in energy.

I've painted the Villa Aglitoni twice and haven't been completely satisfied with my efforts. The first was a small watercolor and the second was an acrylic, which I posted earlier.

This time I decided to challenge myself and do it in watercolors on a 22x 30" watercolor sheet, using 300# Arches HP paper. I've never worked this large so it was a personal challenge for me.

Before I could even begin I had to figure out what to mount the paper on to do the painting. I had just cleaned out my paper storage and came across two large pieces of corrugated cardboard, size 24 x 34 which had been in my latest order for watercolor paper. Perfect...I had a large plastic bag that I opened up and wrapped the cardboard in. There you go, a perfect support for my paper.

Because the 300# HP paper absorbs the water like a sponge and it wont run down like it would on 140# I decided to do it upright, like an oil painting, on my easel, so I had a better perspective of it as I worked. Now I was getting excited to start.

After doing a very light sketch of the building and being satisfied with it, I started adding color. I got lost in it and 4 hrs. later had to step back and take a look at what I'd done.

Here is the result of 4 hrs. work. I'll call it Stage 1 or a WIP.

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