Thursday, October 29, 2009

They Get No Respect

I've had an idea running around my brain this last week for a subject of my next painting. It all started when someone gave me 3 small pomegranates. I wanted to paint them because they are so beautiful but thought that just those 3 tiny fruits wouldn't make the statement I wanted to make about the abundance of sustenance and beauty that we have this time of year.

Then thinking about the composition also made me think about color and contrasts, all those thing that go into make a beautiful painting. I needed something to contrast the reds that I had and remembered that a neighbor had a quince tree and was always asking me to take some. Yes they would be perfect with their pale yellow and greens and fuzzy textures. As I walked down his driveway I noticed his black fig tree and saw that there were still figs on it. What a great addition to my arrangement, I hope that he would give me a few, really only need two, but one extra would taste just great, with yogurt and honey, for my breakfast tomorrow.

I brought my treasures home and set them up on my painting table and lit them with an overhead and took many shots, added a second lamp and shot some more. Here is the one I choose and now have to decide if it will be watercolor, acrylic or oil.

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